The Dental Studio Greystones – Liam Sweeney reviews the Airdog product.

When we were working to reopen the practice the use of air purifiers came up as a suggestion. We were also receiving a lot of marketing material from companies pushing them. That instantly made me suspicious!

Having done a bit of research on them in general and on a few specific models, I was just as clueless and sceptical as when I started. Obviously patient and staff safety is our highest priority, we thought that even if an air purifier made a small difference it was worth it.
But which one? They all came with amazing claims of performance, features and certification. In the end it came down to trust. We’ve been dealing with Dentech for years and I have great faith in Rory and his company. One of my big concerns was that the units would be noisy but after chatting to him about the Airdog X5 we decided to try it, it arrived the next day. Set up was simple and once plugged in it worked away in the background. It has an indicator light on the front that tells you the quality of the air. It was permanently green showing excellent air quality in the surgery. Again, I assumed that was the gimmick and to keep you happy that’s all it ever showed! We ran it for a week with no obvious benefit nor any problems.

But then the revelation. My son has always suffered from a blocked nose. He’s not particularly bad but he is certainly more prone to suffering from dust and pollen. He would be at his worst on waking in the morning, all bunged up and it would often wake him in the night. As I’m writing this I realise how much it sounds like an American infomercial but it really is true. We brought the Airdog home to try in his room. The sensor light had gone orange, but soon it settled back to green. So it wasn’t just a gimmick after all. The next day for the first time in years Calum woke up without a blocked nose, same Sunday and Monday morning. After the unit went back to the surgery a few days later he was blocked up again.
So, I am now a complete convert, the Airdog really does work. We’ve also bought 2 more.