It’s Time To Say “NO” To Wasteful HEPA Filters!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the manufacture of one HEPA filter equals to more than 1,000 plastic bags. If you’re using an Airdog Air Purifier, you’ll be helping the environment by cutting down on the manufacturing of new HEPA filters, and conserving natural resources.

Airdog provides a washable air purifier so you can take care of your health and save the earth. The countless customers we have served worldwide are united together in their love for the planet – together we are saving the environment.


If you’re looking for protection against airborne pollutants, Airdog Air Purifiers offer the most affordable, eco-friendly solution. While other air purifiers on the market use HEPA filters that are prone to blockage and need to be replaced periodically, Airdog’s collecting plates are made of reusable, non-toxic, high-quality materials.

Airdog’s patented TPA® (Two-Pole Active) air filtration technology seamlessly purifies the air you breathe. Airdog’s Air Purifiers don’t just filter the air for you – they effectively eliminate particles down to 0.0146 microns!

100% efficient and an eco-friendly solution with no waste, Airdog Air Purifiers are the perfect essentials for a healthy, safe and comfortable indoor environment.
Globally certified and used by millions of customers in 50+ countries and regions, it is the number one choice for the workplace thanks to its unmatched performance.

When you purchase from Airdog, you are getting a product that is based on science, is rigorously tested and is manufactured responsibly.

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