An Air Purifier Better Than HEPA? Airdog wins Hands Down.

Hands down

The pandemic brought numerous things into focus, including the importance of a strong immune system as well as how airborne viruses spread. A breath, a cough, a sneeze: everyone living daily life in a mask became acutely aware of the reality of what we inhale and exhale and how it impacts the people around us. […]

It’s Time To Say “NO” To Wasteful HEPA Filters!


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the manufacture of one HEPA filter equals to more than 1,000 plastic bags. If you’re using an Airdog Air Purifier, you’ll be helping the environment by cutting down on the manufacturing of new HEPA filters, and conserving natural resources. Airdog provides a washable air purifier so you can […]

Airdog is Now Certified to help destroy Covid-19

The Airdog X5 Air Purifier was recently certified to destroy COVID-19 by the prestigious Democritus University of Thrace, from the Department of Medicine. Following a thorough clinical test, product testers were impressed with Airdog’s breakthrough capabilities in removing airborne pathogens. In fact, the product’s air purification capabilities are so effective, they are capable of destroying […]

Airdog Air Purifiers have been installed In Schools across Germany

A total of 869 devices will be set up before Christmas Image (© District Office Aichach-Friedberg): Rainer Hurler (Head of the Municipal Building Department), District Administrator Dr. Klaus Metzger, Michael Metzger (LTEG GmbH) and Stefan Reinholz (Head of Building Management) with one of the mobile air cleaning devices that are currently being installed at the […]

The Dental Studio Greystones – Liam Sweeney reviews the Airdog product.

When we were working to reopen the practice the use of air purifiers came up as a suggestion. We were also receiving a lot of marketing material from companies pushing them. That instantly made me suspicious! Having done a bit of research on them in general and on a few specific models, I was just […]