An Air Purifier Better Than HEPA? Airdog wins Hands Down.

The pandemic brought numerous things into focus, including the importance of a strong immune system as well as how airborne viruses spread. A breath, a cough, a sneeze: everyone living daily life in a mask became acutely aware of the reality of what we inhale and exhale and how it impacts the people around us.

As a result, a whole new focus was given to the importance of indoor air quality.

As vaccine counts rise and COVID-19 cases decrease, many companies are inviting employees back to work. Unsurprisingly after almost two years people have some concerns about heading back into the office, not least of which is a concern over health and safety.
Leading corporations are setting precedents for de-densifying office spaces and instituting long-term policies for cleaning and sanitising shared spaces. One key tactic most are employing is the installation of workplace Air Purification units. This and other efforts are going a long way in putting employees’ minds at ease as they make the transition.

Silicon Valley-based company Airdog pushes the standards for clean air higher than anyone else, by utilising a hyper-efficient design with advanced filtration technology.

Why Would People Need Air Purifiers?

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Standalone air purifiers are not like traditional fans in that they don’t just push air around, they suck the air through a filter, removing a variety of particles, and circulate the clean air. Air purifiers can remove viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, odours, and smoke, depending on how fine the filtration system is, which can make a surprising impact on both comfort and actual respiratory health.

Air Purifiers also help to resolve the general staleness of air that happens in the workplace quite often, sometimes without even becoming noticeable. Think of it this way, without opening windows or running forced air into the workplace, the lion’s share of the air is the same, day-in, day-out!

What Is a HEPA Air Purifier?

HEPA Purifiers (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) are now quite common office air solutions. The idea behind HEPA filters is to have multiple layers of tubular fibres arranged in various directions, which are designed to trap air contaminants like pollen, dust, and other fine particles. By trapping the solid contaminants, the air that passes through is cleaner, and less likely to cause respiratory irritation.

In order for filters or purifiers to be considered HEPA-quality, they need to trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 μm in size. Obviously that is quite small, and at this size dust and pollen are removed, as well as some other allergens that would present respiratory issues. However, HEPA-grade purification doesn’t trap contaminants smaller than 0.3μ in size so there is still a shortcoming with this technology. That’s where Airdog steps in.

For reference, these are the sizes of common air pollutants:

Air Purification Performance

Arguably the most important factor when deciding how to choose an Air Purifier is the level of purification. As noted, HEPA filters only clean down to 0.3μm which removes larger particles like pollen and dust, however fine-particle atmospheric dust, viruses, certain smoke, and gases can be much smaller and slip through.

Airdog filters the air down to 0.0146μm, making it more effective at air purification than HEPA filters.

Airdog achieves this via our multi-stage filtration method, which has five layers of materials that progressively trap smaller and smaller contaminants. A key element to the performance is the combination of this series of filters with an ionic field. What exactly is an air purifier ionizer? Basically, it is a component in the purifier that applies voltage to miniature rods which dissipate electrons into the air. Once the electrons come into contact with air molecules they form ions that attach to contaminate particles, either falling to the floor or improving the ability of the filter to capture them.

Airdog – the leading market supplier in the UK and Ireland:

As a leading market provider, we are proud to say that, right through the pandemic, we have supplied air purification units to schools, GP’s, dentists, specialist medical practices, and thousands of businesses nationwide.

When you purchase from Airdog, you are getting a product that is based on science, is rigorously tested and is manufactured responsibly.

If you want to improve the indoor air quality in your workplace, contact us today at +353 42 966 5831.