At Airdog, our purpose is to focus on air
quality to improve your health.

We bring clean air to every indoor space.

We’ve collaborated with a team of filtration technology experts in Silicon Valley and designed the world’s first washable and reusable air filter to protect you from the dangerous particles that pollute our indoor air everyday and cause disease.

Airdog is now serving millions of users in over 50 countries.

World’s Most Advanced Air Filtration Technology

In 2010, we moved our production line to China in order to fulfill the increasing global needs on air purifiers. Today, our factory has three production plants in Suzhou, Leqing and Wuhu area with over 300 employees. We are also in the process of setting up our international production facility in North America.

Today, proudly we present the world’s most advanced TPA technologies air purifiers with zero-waste and reusable design, which truly brings the benefits and convenience of technology to everyone.

Meet Rory Clarke, ManagingDirector UK & Ireland

“Why settle for a standard HEPA air purifier - it’s dirty, wasteful and harmful to our environment. Airdog’s filtration is clinically proven to exceed the properties of HEPA from every aspect, protecting our health and our environment. Educate yourself on the facts and make an informed decision today”

Rory Clarke