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We bring clean air to every indoor space.

Airdog Air Treatment units are high-performance and eliminate the waste and expense of disposable filters.

They are silent, very effective, energy efficient and easy to use, offering you protection and a green clean air solution.

Airdog’s filtration not only collects harmful contaminants it inactivates viruses, kills bacteria and kills fungi. The world’s best air filtration in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and value for money.

Green Technology Air Purification

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Traps and destroys 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family.

Certified by accredited test laboratories.

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Environmentally sustainable zero waste air quality solution.

We bring clean air to every Industry

Breathe Better with our innovative washable Air Filtration Unit

We combat the indoor air pollutants found in every building.

Our optimised aerodynamic design enables high volume airflow cleaning your air effectively, efficiently and sustainably.








For occupied indoor spaces, no harmful by-product or emissions emitted. Contaminants including bacteria and viruses which are captured within the unit are killed and inactivated eliminating the possibility of secondary pollution or harm.


Different from traditional HEPA passive filtration. Airdog’s TPA technology is active filtration, using high voltage to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other harmful airborne contaminants that are drawn in from the surrounding environment.


A washable reusable design, no disposal of used filters helps to save our environment. HEPA filters are made from non-recyclable material and need to be replaced regularly, causing extra burden on our environment.


Airdog’s washable filtration means no purchasing of replacement filters. This technology alone makes Airdog the most efficient air filtration system on the market and most economical option for clean air.

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